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My white picket fence.

I’ve been told that my standards are too high. I’ve been told that I take on too much. I’ve been told that I should take an easier route. I’ve been told that I should move slower. I’ve been told I need to relax. I’ve been told I need to chill. I’ve been told a lot of things….however I stopped listening. If there is one thing I’ve learned it’s that, sometimes just STOP LISTENING.

Because here’s what I realized, whether or not the above is true doesn’t really matter. Maybe I could take an easier route, but it’s not as fun. Maybe I could do life at a slower pace, but right now I don’t want to. Maybe I could take on less, but there’s no challenge in that. Maybe I could lower my standards, but I can always meet them so why? Maybe I could do it differently, but I’m not going to. So then the next question that begs to be answered is….Why? Why choose hard? Why want a challenge? Why do it as fast as possible? Why take the difficult route? Why? ……….WHY?

We live in a world where we often try to paint life in this box where we know we will win. We are told to do X, Y and Z and boom there’s your white picket fence and there’s that cute home, and there’s your career and there’s the family you wanted, and there’s the cold beer in the fridge and the loving arms to come home to. There’s your whole life….at the end of X, Y and Z. There’s only one problem with this picture and it kinda screws the whole thing up for me.

I can see my life with a white picket fence, a cute home, in a career, raising a family, marrying the man of my dreams and maybe an evening run or dusk walks while the stars come out (let’s be real I will not drink beer every night…EVER). I can see all of that. And that’s great. Just great. Fantastic in fact, there is NOTHING wrong with that picture. It’s actually pretty perfect. It’s almost unreal perfect, but possible so we will stick with perfect. It’s perfect except for one thing…

The girl with that white picket fence who is she? Because until she knows who she is, everything else is just a perfect little picture….JUST a picture. JUST an idea. JUST a theory. It’s JUST a white fence, it’s JUST a cute house, it’s JUST a dream, she has a family but they are JUST people she loves, and him, he is JUST a really good looking man who maybe smells like Calvin Klein and hopefully wears a baseball cap backwards with a white T-shirt… You see we paint these pictures of our lives and in their perfection we forget that it’s JUST a picture. The biggest component, the core, the one source that draws that picture into reality is the artist.

I love the picture, but I also know that the picture is only as powerful as the artist. So, why? Why do I push myself? Why do I choose the hard way? Why do I strive for more then yesterday? Why do I not move slowly?

Well, here’s my why:

Because I am determined to find the capacity of the artist of my picture.

I want to know what she’s capable of. Is she a 4-year old color page or is she a Van Gogh? Is she a Wal-Mart $5.00 sale or is she the Sistine Chapel? And with every challenge, I find more of her, and she, she get’s better.

I think sometimes X, Y and Z just look too easy. So we start to walk this story of life and we start painting, before we understand technique or brushstrokes. We start plugging and playing and using trial and error hoping we get it right. And when we don’t, dreams shatter, families break and love starts to fade. My life is far too valuable for that and so is yours. We only get one shot, and it will be epic if we do it right and take time to build the core, the foundation. Every great masterpiece starts with the artist. Build there first.

So while I’ve been told a lot about my choices, I quit listening. Because I have my life’s picture to paint, and I intend to be a massively talented artist, so I will test myself, I will grow myself and I will expand in my capacity daily. While it may look like a vain effort to choose this route, I assure you it’s not.

My picture will be built from the artist out. I will be great enough, I will be more then strong enough and I will set a standard. Because this isn’t about today, this is about tomorrow. This is about that white picket fence that wraps around a place to belong, this is about a cute house that became a home, this is about raising a family that has character, integrity and will positively impact the world ahead, this is about having kids who understand that respect matters, morals are to be lived out and champions still win. This is about coming home everyday to go on a late night walks with the man of my dreams because I waited and didn’t settle. This is about him, because he is stronger then any man I’ve ever met, with more drive and passion then I thought possible. This is about us, because together we will conquer the world. This is about the people our lives will touch. This is about the generation my family will be a part of.  This is about the impact my picture will create.

So why have I made the choices I have? Because I’m not building a perfect little life with my daily choices. I’m building an myself as an artist that will build a masterpiece which will build a better world. My perfect little picture is a world of massively impactful people.

I’m building me, so I can better build my life. That’s why.



Step 10: YOU define your life.

You. And only YOU….You define your life. It’s really that simple.

We live in a world where everyone is so use to placing blame elsewhere other then taking accountability and owning their actions. However, like most things in life regardless what seems to be occurring there is always the beautiful, wonderful, and sometimes bitter truth. The truth is this: Your entire life rests on you.

We can try to say its because of where we came from. We can try to say we had a rougher start. We can try to say that things would be different if life were fair. But that’s not the case.

You can’t change where you came from.

You can’t change the start you had.

You can’t make life fair.

No matter how much you wish or dream or complain, nothing is going to change that these are things in life you absolutely can NEVER change. So you are left with two choices that will define your whole life.

You can choose to change what you can or you can choose to wallow in what you can never change. 

Did you really read that? Because to be honest I’m tired of victims. The world needs more heroes.

You have your entire life to change, and mold and become something EPIC. But one thing will make or break it. One thing will change your entire future. One thing will dictate you for the rest of forever.

This one thing…….is your decision on how you define your life.

You decide.

Victory or defeat? You decide. Success or failure? You decide. Love or fear? You decide. 

I wish there were less victims in the world, so I’ve decided to start talking about impact and wholeness and heroes…… It was that simple. I’m tired of hearing people play the powerless role. But I also realize that a lot of people haven’t heard differently, they may not know how to NOT be a victim. That’s why I decided to start the Superhero Chronicles, in hopes that maybe the world would start to see more hearts that desire to level up and impact the world around them. Maybe together we could change the status quo, and stop settling for mediocre.

Whether or not the whole world ever hears what I say, or whether or not there is a massive movement of impact and heroes rising only time will tell, but I can promise you this, lives are contagious. So therefore, I intend to live a life of heroic proportions in hopes that others catch a glimpse that life can be huge. Some people may think that sounds conceited, but I really don’t care. I think in terms of massivity (Yes, that is a made up word that says “all the deep things, real things, heart things and hero things”). I believe in heroes. I believe in big people. I believe in conquerors and life changers. I believe in people who defy odds. I believe that there are hearts bigger then most people can handle.

We need to become the generation that can handle bigger people, because there are huge hearts that are tired of hiding.

So how will you define your life? The world is waiting.



The Superhero Chronicles: 10 Steps to living with IMPACT:













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Step 8: Waiting on Epic.

At 4 years old I had the strap on fairy wings, I had the mask, I had the magic glitter dust….whelp that’s it, bring on the battle! I had the power, obviously, and well I I knew I was ready to conquer the whole world……. so why wait? I had it together, I was good to go. Game on bad guys, bring it! I will decimate you with my glitter powers.

That’s what I saw. My EPIC moment. And that’s all I saw. At 4 years old I had no idea what it would cost.


I didn’t realize that the moment I would finally take flight would take years of preparation. Or that in order to use my glitter dust I would need to have the character to use it appropriately. I didn’t know that my wings wouldn’t be mine until I could handle the weight of seeing things from above.

There’s so much I didn’t know about my epic moment. But I quickly learned, nothing about it would be easy. Nothing about impact, character, legacy, depth or selflessness is easy. And you know what makes it harder? Those who don’t care as much will almost always finish first. They will always get the first applause. And in the world’s view sometimes they are the ultimate achievers.

So how do you push through? How do you keep this impact thing up? How do you continue to fight when everyone else settles? How do you get up, gear up and battle up when you are simultaneously also fighting the status quo?

The simple answer is (as Nike knows) you just do it. You keep going. You don’t quit.

However, you also hold fast to the purpose behind your battle. Those who live heroically eventually get their moment. And let’s just be clear no this is not the point of impact. No this is not the ultimate goal of impact. But sometimes the battles get hard and you have to be able to remind yourself that what you are doing on the daily…MATTERS.

There will come a point where you will ask yourself, “Why am I trying so hard when I don’t see the victory?”

These are the times I like to entitle……WAITING ON EPIC.

Because we all want that moment. The moment where we see the impact we made. It’s rewarding, it’s encouraging! And the waiting sucks! There’s no nice way to put it, it’s hard, its tough and it SUCKS. However, those times of WAITING ON EPIC become the most formative times of life.

WAITING ON EPIC. Waiting on epic moments. Waiting on epic impact. Waiting on epic fulfillment. Waiting on epic victories. Waiting on epic promises. WAITING ON EPIC.

It is hard, it’s exhausting and most people, quit.

I know. I live here. Welcome to my whole life. I kid you not, I will blog about it eventually but let’s just say that this isn’t book theory this is “Bre Life Theory”. Waiting on epic is hard as heck.

I could quit. I could choose easy. You could quit. You could choose easy. We know we would get there faster, because others do it. We could cheat. We could short cut. We could compromise. We know it would work because others do it. We know that this is the obviously most difficult route. We know we could end the waiting. We know we could do a million other things to reach our goal. But I think we also know at the end it would just be a goal, it wouldn’t be epic. And that’s worse then any waiting.

Epic is built in the moments no one else sees.

…..Epic is what makes this whole thing so big. It’s the fact that it costs all of you. That you can’t go small. That you have to be big. It’s the limits you thought you had that you defy. It’s the depth you find inside of you. It’s what makes the waiting matter. Epic.

Waiting on Epic? This is where YOU are BUILT.

It’s not the decision to live a life of impact that builds you it’s the moments between the victories that build you. Wait did you catch that?

You are built waiting on EPIC. When you see nothing about your moment of epic victory, YOU ARE BEING BUILT. 

Without the building of you, the end is just a goal. It’s just a win. It’s just a moment. But when you see you being built between the victories. That’s where the epic happens. That’s what turns the win into an EPIC win, the moment into an EPIC moment and reaching your goal into an EPIC achievement.

Sometimes I spend so much time focusing on making this massive impact that I forget the now. I forget that the waiting on epic is what defines everything else.

Waiting on Epic. This is where I am built. The times no one sees, that’s where I become me. The battles I fight daily in secret, that’s where I become me. The moments where character wins and no one knows, that’s where I become me.

Waiting on Epic. For so long I thought that it was about this big moment that I was ready for and somehow the forces of time just had to choose me. That I was ready and I just needed someone to notice. That my climax was where the biggest part of my story would occur. This great moment, this great achievement, this great win, THAT would be my epic moment.

I was wrong. It was never a moment that was being built. It was me. It wasn’t the moment that I was waiting on. It was who I could become in the process. It wasn’t the epic I was waiting on.


It was me I was waiting on. 


Because without the me I would become, I was too small for my EPIC moment.




STEP 8: What is the EPIC moment you are waiting on? Now think of how you are using the waiting to become EPIC. 


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Maybe it wasn’t meant to be easy. 

Maybe it wasn’t supposed to be comfortable.

Maybe it wasn’t meant to be convenient.

Maybe it wasn’t supposed to be understood. 

Maybe it wasn’t meant for the weak. 

Maybe it wasn’t supposed to be simple. 

Maybe it wasn’t meant for the follower. 

Maybe it wasn’t supposed to be for the mediocre.

Maybe it wasn’t meant for the ordinary of heart.

Maybe it wasn’t supposed to be for everyone.

Maybe it wasn’t meant to be for the average. 

Maybe it wasn’t supposed to be for her or for him.

Maybe your destiny wasn’t meant to be just for you. 

Maybe you weren’t meant to be limited to your vision of your capacity.

Maybe you weren’t supposed to leave a small mark on the world.

Maybe you weren’t meant for minor impact. 

Maybe you weren’t supposed to ever settle.

Maybe you weren’t meant to carry the same weight as others.

Maybe your life wasn’t supposed to make sense.

Maybe you weren’t meant to conquer easy. 


Just maybe….


Maybe it was meant to be hard. 

Maybe it was supposed to be uncomfortable. 

Maybe it was meant to be inconvenient. 

Maybe it was supposed to be misunderstood. 

Maybe it was designed for the hero. 

Maybe it was supposed to be complex. 

Maybe it was created for the driven. 

Maybe it was supposed to be a fight.

Maybe it was meant for the extraordinary of heart.

Maybe it was supposed to be for the select few.

Maybe it was meant to be for the above-average.

Maybe it was supposed to be for you.

Maybe your destiny was meant for the benefit of others. 

Maybe you were meant to be bigger then you ever thought possible. 

Maybe you were supposed to be this huge person. 

Maybe you were meant to impact masses. 

Maybe you were supposed to never settle for yesterday’s version of you.

Maybe you were meant for great challenges.

Maybe you were supposed to overcome where most have failed. 

Maybe you were meant to inspire others. 

Maybe you were supposed to build more then you imagined. 

Maybe you are stronger then you know. 

Maybe you have more courage then you’ll ever need.

Maybe you are far more necessary then you realize. 

Maybe you are going to change more lives then you’ll ever be able to count.

Maybe you will teach others how to be heroic.

Maybe you were made to leave a massive impact on the world. 

Maybe you were meant to live a greater life then you ever thought possible. 


JUST MAYBE you’ve underestimated you. 




Limitless: A decision that becomes you.

I use to believe that fear was this horrible thing that would take away anything powerful that it could, and steal things it had no right to. I hated fear so much that I would do whatever I was afraid of simply because I resented the thought that anything outside of my control would be able to exercise power in my life. I would see fear and the only thought I had was to conquer. But what do you do when you start to realize that your greatest fear isn’t anything external?

What do you do when your greatest fear isn’t what the world holds, but what’s inside of you?

You can’t run from you. You can’t fight you. You can’t hide from you and you can’t lie to you. You can’t tell yourself to get smaller, because you already have started to see the massive size of your heart. You can’t convince yourself that you’re not strong enough because the drive inside you to win is far too strong. You can’t tell yourself it’s a figment of imagination because your feelings know better. You can’t turn it off. You can’t shut it down. You can’t sleep it off. You can’t conquer enough externally to satisfy the wonder of where your limitless heart will take you. You can do everything you put your mind to but somewhere along the lines you just keep getting bigger and stronger.


I was very clear on how to conquer all the fears before me. And then I met me.


You see, somewhere along the lines I started this journey to find myself and as I found me I realized what I was capable of, who I could become and the impact I could leave on this world. The more I found of me the more I realized all I wanted was more. I became my own high. I started to find my drive to live a life that mattered. I realized that life is so much bigger then my world. I started to find myself wondering what I could become and what I could accomplish. I was both terrified and thrilled not that I COULD become all I imagined but more so that I WOULD become all I imagined. It wasn’t the possibility of what I could accomplish but rather that I would actually CHOOSE to become that person capable of a huge life.

So what do I do with this newfound fear, when all I’ve done was paint a life that didn’t allow for fear? Let it drive me.

The day I realized that who I was becoming was so powerful that I was starting to fear my own capacity was the day I realized I would never go back. I knew if I was slightly concerned that I might just be big enough for the life I imagined then maybe, just maybe I would live that life. And that, THAT motivated me more then anything ever before.

Its a strangely terrifying thing to say that I’ve already decided regardless what life brings I will choose to outgrow every trial and circumstance. I will choose to allow struggles to prepare me for what’s next. I will choose to come out of pain stronger, come out of overwhelming moments with a greater capacity, and out of every experience learning something. It’s terrifying because I know what I promise myself, I will do. There’s no possible way I won’t succeed. Will there be a battle I may fail? Sure. But I am certain I will always win the war. I am certain that I will defy every limit put on my heart and it’s capacity to love and conquer in this adventure we call life.

People often times say that the world is limitless but the truth is the world is very limited, scientifically speaking there are definite limits. Ask Einstein. What we don’t understand so often is that it’s not the world that’s limitless it’s the hearts of a rare breed of people who choose to not live confined.  These people change lives, they write history and they live huge. They impact hearts, they thrive in all circumstances, and they inspire many others simply because they have become so conditioned to not know any other way. They have trained their hearts to feel that nothing is out of reach. These people are powerful.

These people have realized the only limit they fight is yesterday’s version of who they were. And they know yesterday’s version won’t be big enough for today. #levelup

The biggest tragedy of my life would be to short myself the ability to grow and overcome every trial, struggle, pain, or fear. Because as I overcome the things I thought defined me, I start to realize that my only limit will only ever be me. You can be sure if I won’t let anyone else limit me I sure won’t limit myself! I’ve found the more I defy my own limit the more powerful I become. This feeling of power, as you feel your heart grow is continually one of the most beautiful, satisfying things I’ve ever experienced.

Everyday we are given two choices to look at the size of our struggles or to look at the size of our heart. When we focus on growing our hearts, circumstances shrink, pain starts to heal and we only get bigger.

Limitless. It’s a decision that becomes you.




Broken Bridges.

This biggest little city has me more determined to look forward then ever before.

It has come extremely easy to me lately, never before has my future been so clear. Never before have I wanted my future so much. Never before have I been so excited to be me, and live MY life. Forward. That is the direction I am going and that is the direction I will look. However, tonight I found it hard to ignore the amount of past life that seems to be everywhere…

I have lived here long enough to have memories in every nook and cranny of this city. Almost every suburb. Every church. Every area of town. It all holds a memory from my past some amazing, some good and some not so good. In many ways this city is like a scrapbook of the biggest parts of my life, stories made, lessons learned and some broken bridges.

Broken bridges are what got me tonight. You can’t always choose to let things end well. You can’t choose how others will respond. And you can’t determine how people will handle it when you walk away. Broken bridges. They aren’t a bad thing. But tonight I couldn’t ignore their presence. I started thinking about why some things need to break, and why some things need to end, I started to think on my role, and what I can and can’t control. Friends and relationships alike, the past is the past for a reason.

It’s my job to keep me classy, but I can’t keep others classy. 

Nope, I don’t really care what my history with so and so looked like, who I am after the fact is a me issue. Any unforgiveness I have is a me problem. Any left over pain is a me problem. I am mine to handle. Others are their own responsibility. Its that simple.

It’s my job to seek reconciliation when possible, but I can’t make someone want it. 

Reconciliation is often difficult, but it’s not always possible. You can never force someone to want to rebuild a friendship with you, they may just not want it. That’s ok.

It’s my job to make sure I am going in the direction I need to go, but I can’t control if it’s not where others are headed too. 

In the end, if I haven’t married you, I’m okay with that. If you aren’t that friend right beside me, I’m okay with that. Because the truth is I know that those who are meant to stay in my life (friends or relationships) will be there, and it won’t be at the cost of my dreams and goals.

It’s my job to love, it’s not my job to rebuild every broken relationship/friendship. 

Reconciliation sometimes isn’t an option because whatever did exist had to break. Every bridge doesn’t need to be rebuilt. Some are better left broken because I don’t ever want to go that way again.

…..In a city where so many of my memories were made I can honestly say that I can look on the broken bridges from my past and say that there are some that are still broken, and that’s okay. Because I can truly say “I’m not going that way”. I have so many memories in this city, so much of me has been built here, and I love this city for it. I love what I’ve learned. I love who I have become. I love where I am going. But I can tell you with 100% certainty that the direction I’m going is not backwards. I’m not about to rebuild bridges to places I don’t want to go and a me that I don’t want back.

Relationships come and go. Friendships will come and go. Those that are meant to last will. Those that keep me from moving forward, those bridges will stay broken.

Forward. Even if it costs breaking some bridges.