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Don’t listen don’t grow, it’s that simple.

Most of us are all great talkers. Just look at social media, we can talk all day about ourselves, it’s just fantastic right? Who doesn’t love to go online and read all about someone else’s perceived amazing life? Clearly no one, because in return we just talk about more about ourselves. And on and on we go, back and forth, post after post, picture after picture about ourselves.

Now let’s be clear I have zero qualms with self-confidence however when I scroll through Facebook I begin to wonder, do we ever stop to take something in? Or is it all about what we can show the world?

I was reading a research paper earlier (“Effects of Business Embedded & Traditional Training Models on Motivation”)* on the purpose of training and it stated, “Companies learn when their people do.” This struck me. We live in an era of time where we are all about development. Most companies are concerned with how quickly they can advance and most individuals are concerned with what they have to offer to the world and how quickly they can grow. We have the right intent however we talk an awful lot about ourselves for being a generation that professes that they want to grow.

I say this because growing requires us to listen. How are we supposed to grow if we continually talk about what we already know? How perfect our lives appear? Or what a great “selfie” we just took? This is what fills social media and it’s no secret that social media fills our lives. Since this is the case we are obviously all as perfect as our profiles right? (Clearly not, but I think you get my point.)

We need to become a generation that can talk less and listen more. But instead we take offense to anyone who poses some opinion that might mess with our perfect profile or filtered “insta”. We are horrible listeners and we are great at being offended. If we intend to be a people that wants to build a better tomorrow (or better anything really) we must learn when to talk and when to NOT talk but listen.

Listen… when it’s not what you believe. 

Listen… when it’s not your opinion. 

Listen… when it hurts your pride. 

Listen… when it hurts your heart. 

As a generation we have this immediate need to express why we believe we are correct in our belief or actions. However what we don’t realize is that sometimes there are multiple ways you can be correct and when there is only one way, well for the truth there is no substitute. And it really doesn’t need defending or protecting. It’s not something someone can corrupt that’s why it’s the truth. That’s what makes the truth so perfect, you can’t change it, it’s incorruptible and not subject to opinion. So then we shouldn’t be afraid to test it by listening right?

If you are determined to grow then you will take in many opportunities to stop and listen, not because you agree with what is being said but because you are willing to be uncomfortable in order to test your truths. You see, if it’s true, then it cannot be altered and it will prevail any offense. If it’s not then you have found an area to develop. Either way, you win when you listen.

Maybe we can become a generation that talks less about ourselves and instead listens to test our truths. Imagine what we could do if we applied as much effort to finding areas of growth as we do to posting the best “selfie”.

What a generation we would be if we were who we pretended to be on social media.



*Journal of Economics and Behavioral Studies Vol. 2, No. 5, pp. 236-244, May 2011


Walking by name.

Something happens when you finally start to remember your name? When you start to realize who he calls you? and who he sees you as?

It’s like you discover a depth you just can’t fill, it’s crazy because as much as I want to fill it. I don’t. Because this moment. This time, is so perfectly beautiful.  It’s a pretty crazy thing to watch as God builds back in you…you.  All so he could just be with you. Because when you didn’t see you, you missed out on a big part of him.  And then he reveals colors all over you, and you begin to start dreaming big, and seeing big, and then you realize. Without holding on to this, without living for this, you will never live life fully.

It’s you and him. And its crazy beautiful.

Its this moment that as much as I am excited for what’s to come, I want to channel this and stuff it in a bottle and cork it, like priceless pixie dust.  It’s a revelation, and intimacy, a depth I never want to see leave, I only want to see it grow. I want to see it explode. Because while he has told me who I am, and what I am…I realize all I want is more.

He calls us by name and he creates in us a dimension I don’t want to be able to describe, but when you start to see it…..it’s crazy. It’s one of the most beautiful things I’ve ever seen, because you come alive in a way you can’t describe, in ways where, when I fully let go, it’s gonna look a little out there.  It’s going to be radical, and it’s going to be so…me.

Because the truth is, so much of the restraint I allowed myself to live by, was never who I was.

I’ve started on a road that I don’t want to see stop, I don’t even really want to end up at a destination, because in ending somewhere, it’s like saying I’m full, Ive settled in, I’m content. I don’t want to be content. I want more. I want more of this. All of this.

This identity, this beauty, this radical way of life…the one he always painted for me, it took me loosing myself to find it.  But now that I have, it’s where I’m at, it’s who I am, and where I am going. It’s as simple as that, and yet way more beautiful then words could explain.

Walking by name is a whole huge adventure.  And I know that to live without it…..is to not live. I don’t want to live for just okay, for just enough. I don’t want to be content with okay….I don’t want okay. I wasn’t born for just okay, and neither were you. It was never written in our spirit to live for subpar, that was always our choice.  Well I say no.

I want all of this, and everything more, I don’t want to be satisfied, and I don’t want to be contained. I want everything in me to explode, to let out me and him… It’s a love song, that will come alive in my life.

One radical beautiful adventure….only beginning, and the end isn’t in sight. This is what he wants us to see, he wants us to know who he created so perfectly, and how much he always just wanted to be with us.