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I love you.

I love battlefields, I love fighting, I love being the one to move, as terrifying as it can be, it taps a chord in me, that rings alive with boldness. So needless to say what I want to say here will be said from the battlefield, it will be said with victory and it will be spoken to your heart.

Warriors on the battlefield, fighting to bring in the kingdom…it is one amazing picture, with mystery after mystery.  Because the world that they are fighting for lives by a different standard, a code you can feel even though it doesn’t make sense to the logical mind.  They come ready to fight and  they are destined to win, they come ready to claim, for the ground has already been won by the blood of the lamb, and they come to not only take back the land but to call back the hearts.

It soon becomes a battle not to be fought heart to heart with artillery, and bullets but rather in comes the mystery. Its a battle for the heart, fought with love.  Love calls to the depths of the heart in ways logic can’t make sense of.

Logic misled holds to what only makes sense, not what the heart can feel, not what the heart knows is true.  But love, love will defy logic because it will love what makes no sense, it will love those who have hurt, it will love those who have built walls, its will love those who choose to be bitter, and holding unforgiveness, and it will love them recklessly.

Love is powerful.

Love takes every wall that logic makes, every blockade that hurt puts up and breaks it in, only for one reason. To reach the heart. Because love knows, the wall is not the heart behind it, the blockade is not the heart thats hiding.

These warriors filled with his mystery fight in ways that sometimes make no sense, they fight from a world that this land will one day see, but that reason won’t understand.

Behind every wall of unforgiveness is the heart. Behind every shelter of hate, is the heart. Behind every blockade of anger is the heart.  Often times I think it’s the heart that hurts and the mind* steps in and justifies, and starts to build walls, starts division, starts to separate hearts.  But the fact remains, I will separate the heart from the barrier that’s been built around it regardless how much it tries to act in unison while creating division amongst people. I will choose to believe the heart is not the hurt thats showing, the unforgiveness that’s being spoken, or the  bitterness that seems to be held. I will choose to separate the heart from the contamination of all of the above. I won’t claim that on the heart of another. And no warrior who claims to carry another’s burden should. The heart holds the deepest treasures of a person, I can’t claim unforgiveness as a treasure. But I will fight for the heart behind it.

Love speaks to the heart, love begins to heal, love touches the depths that the mind couldn’t even make sense of. Hurt’s worst enemy is love, hurt can’t stay where his healing love invades.

So here’s what I know, these warriors have made their choice, to love every heart behind every wall, blockade, and barrier that’s put up. To love every heart, despite where its decides to hide and what it chooses to hide behind. Because these warriors don’t claim victory in just the land they reclaim, their victory comes in the love the lamb that’s now theirs to share.  Their victory comes in the hearts that finally again realize what treasures they hold inside, and then release unforgiveness, bitterness, anger and resentment from claiming access to their identity an longer.

The ultimate victory is their knowledge of who they are, when all hurt has been released to heal.

The love these warriors hold, is his, and therefore holds a reckless fury, no wall can sustain. It will penetrate and consume every wall, it will break in, in ways the mind can’t understand but yet the heart is so desperate for.

Love is powerful, it breaks down the wall, invades to heal, and calls out the identity of the heart.  It is my passion to fight into hearts with this love. To fight recklessly. To never let the hurt or anger make me believe that’s what lies beneath. I have to believe each person once contained so much, that the creator builds everyone in perfection. Love calls alive what was once untouched, untarnished, what was once a pure, unscathed heart.

I love you. Every heart, behind every wall. I love you, I need you to know that. And I always will. And I will fight for you, when you forget to fight for yourself, and your own right to an abundant life in him….fully healed.









I love you.