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Endless todays.

“..To never lose the ‘now’ moment”

Here’s what I see. I see my heart and I see passion. And I know myself well enough to know that I will pursue what’s before me with so much vigor and excitement, that I can miss the moment.

I can miss the time he says, “it’s already here, it’s already begun, but I’m your now.”

Here’s the thing he is good. ALWAYS. He makes promises, he keeps. His word never returns void. And he will always fight for me. He sees and he speaks what’s to come. And because he makes it known its easy to get caught in the beauty of tomorrow. But the reality is, the beauty of tomorrow is already real today. God lives apart from time. So while I can try to “wait” for something to happen that already exists, I’m only loosing the now.

This is my now. He is my now. In him is everything this moment could be.

He is the fullest potential in today. And in him everything is limitless. In him are beautiful extremities. In him is risk where I find I can fly. And courage where I find I’m stronger then an army.

I can’t afford to miss this, because I can never get today back. And today comes with endless potential when I live in this being my now.