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With Power.

So often I get caught in this moment where I can’t explain the life that wells inside of me, the passion I feel that runs wild through my veins, the electricity I feel in my bones, it’s a depth I can’t explain, and on the same note never want it to stop. 

Because regardless how the life inside me begins to explode, I know what it is, I know who it is, and no extreme would be to radical. Everything within me, every cell of being wants more. 


it’s never going to be enough. Beauty like this does something inside you. It creates a desire for more and more, because you feel something that for once in your life you were meant to desire without limits and with no fear of excess. It’s a goodness so extreme that you could never actually have too much. Because as the core of you grows, you gain ground, you gain space that can only be filled by what caused the expansion….him. 

Almost four years ago I remember reading in psalms ..”enlarge my heart” and asking, what’s in me that would benefit me being enlarged? I had no idea. 

But here it is. The heart is invaluable, it hold secrets words can’t describe, it holds beauty unique to his romancing you alone, and it holds life unlike anything I’ve ever seen with my eyes. 

There is no truer picture of theology then what I feel inside me. This is him. He isn’t definable by words alone, and that’s why I can’t find words to express the life welling up inside my heart…



…but I feel it, and never want it to stop.