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I want more.

All I want…… is ALOT. I want ALOT. And you know what that’s okay, because to want more of this world I see is to find it. It’s that simple.

I want it. And I have full access to it, so why not have it. Why not have it all? I want it. So I’ll just go get it…. sounds too simple, but this is the mindset of destiny to those who are loosing themselves to everything they are.

He desires us to want what we were created to have.

Did that sink in? ..It’s big, open your heart, quit thinking, and hear.


Here’s the catch if you think you have it all, you’re wrong, there’s limitless waiting. You can always have more when its limitless. And there’s a world that’s his and ours, and it holds things never seen before, things we were made to be able to go find!

It’s huge to know that there is a world of destiny specific to each one of us, it’s gifts, it’s new thinking, it’s innovative designs, it’s creativity never seen before, it’s a song never played before, and a poem with words that free thousands from bondage, it’s paint colors that the blind will open their eyes too, it’s a melody sung where lost limbs will grow out, it’s a dance that will release millions into love.

We have access to a world that’s been written into our destiny, and it will abolish tradition with heaven as its replacement.

It’s so easy to paint the box, well here’s to shattering it! You don’t need a box, you were never made for a box. It’s time we burn the box, we shatter the walls and we release ourselves into seeing what’s been available. He’s got a world for us to bring here, We can’t do that until we take a jump into something no one has tried or done before. We will never gain new heights, being afraid to climb.

You were created for a purpose bigger then you know, with gifts that are exponential. You are huge inside and there’s no limit to what you have. You are WAY GREATER THEN COULD EVER BE DEFINED! And you will never reach an end to you.

I say this because I feel there’s more in me and I want it out! I have to release it! I want to create what no one before me has created, I desire to see creativity that’s so crazy authentically different it can’t not be noticed, it can’t not be him! Guys, we were born for different. So Dream It!

I know it’s there, I know this world I see is real, and yet we’ve only seen a minute portion of what it holds, I want it. I’m going after it, It’s in my life and it’s in yours. The world needs real, but honestly, I NEED REAL.

The authenticity of what’s available does something inside me like nothing else in the world.

I’m after it, with forever ahead, and I will explode with it.